The Mission When I joined Mobile Information Systems (Offering real-time solutions for the time-sensitive, same-day transportation industry) the company wanted to move to, i.e., develop and release the new generation […]

Migrate a Library in Android Studio

This was then … For our technology we have a portfolio of c programs working in Windows (VisualStudio), iOS (Xcode), Android (Android Studio). They are available as SDKs in form […]

print size in byte of various variable types (c/c++, m/mm, java) History With 8 and 16 bit machines, an int or integer had two byte (whereas, when Intel defined it, […]

The Embedded System Conference (ESC) Silicon Valley in San José is always a fun event, and I enjoy going to the Expo, two or three days each year. And I […]

Similar to the CES in January the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show in Las Vegas mid April is quite huge and very well visited.  Though not as packed as […]

New inventions, evolutions of existing products, or perhaps just a different package of a „same ol’“ — there are important steps to then developing the product and eventually releasing into […]

Early March I visited the Enterprise Software Development Conference in San Mateo.  This is more an intimate expo with some 25 booths.  Though well visited, you still found time to […]

(think candy, pill, coin, etc.) The other day I thought how a dispensing machine would work and challenges at hand.  Here a very brief summary.  (And surely, there are patents […]

Visiting the Consumer Electronics Show (6–9 January) is always an exhausting and thrilling event.  The exhibitions are packed, eventful, and huge, covering the complete space at the Las Vegas Convention […]