Windows 7 RTM

About 2½ weeks ago, I installed Windows 7 RTM — after testing first the Beta then the RC1 versions early on.  At first a fresh install of the 64bit version:  smooth sailing, no problems, the hardware of my desktop correctly found, relevant drivers for all peripherals inside and out of the PC applied.  I transferred the Files&Settings from my Vista systems, then the tedious task to install all the applications plus patches, etc.  Wahoo!

Then I upgraded my schleptop from Vista 32 to Windows 7 32.

A few incidents I noticed, some were minor, some were more nuisances, some were just ridiculous.  Here the list (not in specific order) :

  1. I had set the Short-Time format in Vista to „HH:mm“; that got changed to default „h:mm tt“.
  2. During one of the attempts, the Upgrade stalled at 21% „expanding files“ for half a day, until I restarted the PC.  The going back to Vista was a flawless!
  3. Why is there NO (detail) progress explanation what is happening when the „transfer setting and programs“ appears to be in a hopeless loop, refreshing and displaying „41%“ and „item # 260288 of 1068369“ for about two or three hours?  Eventually that step was overcome and upgrade finally progressed.   (No idea why logfiles are so well hidden!)
  4. After the successfull upgrade (Yeah!), everything appeared OK.
  5. Then I noticed: Spurious problems with IE8, a download does not do anything, not even causing error.  Further investigation reveals, I could not „see“ the temporary internet files!
    Reason: the hard-link to said folder (along with a few others) had Security entry „everyone“ set to „deny“; what, of course overrides any other entries with „allow“!!!  (amateurs; sic.)
  6. Why were my additional wallpapers and cursors removed?  Right, not just linked to use the Windows 7 buggers, but the files had been deleted!?
  7. Where are my QuickLaunch programs??? (I realize the new concept with „pin“ed applications, but I had liked my 20 something hotlinks; now I will need to reconstruct and put in dedicated Start Program folder…

Overall, the upgrade took about half a day, and the progress information (e.g., does it work or is it just pretending or in never-ending loop), well, could have appreciated more love for the details.

The end result, though, (and after restraining myself to giving up too early), did indeed exceed my expectations.  So far, majority of my settings are intact and the programs appear to work fine, and no problems with drivers!

Cheers, jm.

(original notes created by the author on 12-August 2009)


©  August 2009 Jürgen Menge, San José

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