Good bye Bluehost.com.  And hello to GoDaddy.com!

After 10 years I now had to drop Bluehost.com as my Hosting provider!

w/o telling anybody (not even their technical support team!) administrators implemented filters to discard *any* email with the word “casino” in the subject line!  (Earlier in my tests, I found that that even applied to the text body as well.)

Few weeks ago (last weeks of July) it had me quite puzzled why I did not receive certain emails from a customer, but my friend Larry did.  And with some back and forth with Bluehost senior technical support and sending the suspected email (Larry had then sent me a copy to my Google email account) several times to my email address at Bluehost, trace logs showed that that email got simply discarded — without any notification, neither to recipient or sender!  Just because of that word in the subject line…

Usually I regularly receive vouchers and rebates for accommodations in Las Vegas when the various conventions and fairs are taking place.   Well, with that ominous filter in place, and as those hotels in Las Vegas also happen to feature a ”Casino“, I obviously miss out on any those deals!

Eventually I received this email from Bluehost:

“Thank you for contacting support.  Our administrators are not willing to remove ‚casino‘ from our filter so all emails with casino in the subject will continue to be blocked.  If you need to have casino in the subject then you will need to use a 3rd party email service that does not pass through our servers like Google Apps.”

And nevertheless and what makes it worse:  (junior) technical support folks still insist that such filters would not exist!

It appears, Bluehost.com values some ideology (and censorship) as more important than satisfied customers…

Good bye Bluehost.com.  And hello to GoDaddy.com!

San José, 14 September 2015


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