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California...  What is not to love?  The Pacific coastline and its picturesque beaches, with rocks and sand dunes, Redwood trees, the Sierra with the mountains, forests of giant Sequoias, the lakes and caverns, the deserts, then cities like San Francisco, the mild weather to enjoy a great wine or cool beer along with the food! 

And also famous, the California four seasons:  brush fires, floods, land slides, and earthquakes.

München+AlpenMünchen...  the beloved city with Marienplatz, Fraunkirche, Hofbräuhaus, many places to shop or to relax, to add the various high-ranked, prestigious universities and colleges, then the Englische Garten and the Isar-Auen with famous Biergartens, Schwabing with its unique pubs and bars and exquisites Restaurants, then Schloss Nymphenburg, the Deutsche Museum, Maximillianeum, Valentin Musäum, and  numerous more attractions, things to do, places to see, ...  oh, not to forget the world's greatest and largest party: the Oktoberfest!  München lives Gemütlichkeit.  München is Gemütlichkeit.


I could go on with Nürnberg, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dresden, Berlin; or Wellington, Roma, Paris, London, Hong Kong; or New York, New Orleans, Chicago; ...  And not to forget all the impressive scenic views of nature's wonders all around the world!


So why still in California?  Home is, where your heart is.  Surely, our hearts are torn; but then: air commute is just half a day, right?   We have more to explore and to live, here in California!  And the adventure continuous.


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