Jürgen Menge


email.jm [at] jurgenmenge.com  
San José, California



Qualifications Summary

Strategic Technology Executive   who successfully creates and implements visions into roadmaps, identifies solutions to minimize costs, and streamlines workflow to support company growth.  Builds synergy in global teams and drives products that are delivered and installed on-time and on-budget with highest customer satisfaction.

Strengths include:

§  Technology Evangelist

§  New Product Introduction

§  Team Building & Coach

§  Program Management

§  No Nonsense Quality

§  Innovations + Architect

§  Strategic Planning

§  Process Improvement

§  Customer Advocate

§  Business Development


Professional Experience

Wavvox Technology, LLC, Pt. Richmond / San José, California                                                                                 

(Wavvox Technology has developed powerful proprietary technology that allows any audio to be embedded with inaudible codes as a means putting innovative new business inside audio – just as an Acoustic QR.) 

Co-Founder, Evangelist, High-Tech Architect and Chief of Operations                                         01-2012 –  …

§  Defining Statement of Work and integration plans and hardware solutions with clients, supervising development with engineering teams abroad (China, India) using DevOps principles.

§  Product Design; Storyboard mobile Apps; creating web and database (cloud) services and interfaces; API architecture for Android and iOS; performance analysis and optimization; OS dependencies.

§  Applications include: 2nd Screen, IoT, NFC, Smart Toys, Learning & Games, Alerts, Promos, and more! 

§  Developing Windows, SDKs for iOS and Android, and embedded systems (C, Java, PHP, etc.).

Microsoft PMX / Danger, Palo Alto, California                                                                                                                

 (Building great, intuitive client software for mobile handsets, the “social phone”, connected to powerful hosted back-end services that fosters rich consumer experiences in communication, media sharing, entertainment and personalization.) 

Sr. Program Manager (Contractor with Insight Global)                                                                       03-2010 – 03-2011

§  Managed complex software and hardware development projects (Apps and services, games, VR/AR, mobile and cloud computing), successfully implemented critical solutions to achieve premium consumer experience with business partners, marketing, engineering, operations, and support.

§  On-time delivery and deployment of new and sustaining SW releases (C, Java, Python, SQL, etc.) on large server farms (Windows Server / CentOS, Oracle database, web services) with great teams in Romania, Ukraine, India, and USA using Agile and Scrum principles and SDLC processes. 

§  Researched and designed AI concept for a Quality of Experience (QoE) end-to-end monitoring, trend analysis and alerts for high availability mobile phone service (T-Mobile, Telstra, Orange, etc.) with millions of world-wide subscribers.

NETAPP (NETWORK APPLIANCE), Sunnyvale, California                                                                                                     

(Creating storage and data management solutions.) 

Program Manager / NPI + OEM Operations                                                                                    07-2006 – 02-2009
Program Manager
(Contractor with Volt Services)                                                                              09-2005 – 07-2006

§  Established and ran NetApp NPI / IBM OEM Program with business partners assuring timely introduction and delivery of new commercial products and platforms into market. 

§  Designed and integrated methods to track and timely monitor flow of transactions with additional tools to measure and assure continuous success of the OEM business.

§  Released 13 new hardware and software products and full customer shipment according to plan by leading and motivating cross-functional teams, on-site and abroad to highest performance towards ambitious milestones.  (IBM OEM business grew from zero to > 10% overall NetApp revenue = ½ billion USD.)

§  Executed procedures, prioritizing development and integration tasks and resources among the partners and the contract manufacturers (China and USA), implemented checks and balances and assured the overall program on target and on schedule and compliant to financial requirements, lean management, Product Life Cycle processes.

§  Developed and established new processes to accommodate uniqueness of the OEM NPI business to satisfy both “worlds”, NetApp and IBM requirements, solidifying strategic alliance and continued growth with an efficient order fulfillment and supply-chain model with consigned inventory. 


THE IT PROFESSIONAL, Bay Area, California                                                                                                                             

(New Technologies — Business Opportunities) 

President + Architect, Sr. Consultant  (self-employed)                                                                         01-2004 – …

§  Continuous support to assure computer, sound and video environment setup and up-to-par for multimedia events at CSIX.org, an all-volunteer run networking organization.

§  Market analysis for strategic opportunities, embracing innovation and new technologies for broadcast convergence, social media, consumer products, interactive toys, smartphones.

§  Layout concepts for secure IT networking and virtualization environments, infrastructure, disaster recovery for businesses with Windows and/or Linux platforms.


FUZE3 TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, California                                                                                                                             

(FuzeLink™, a virtual bookmarking tool that links broadcast content to related web content with one click.) 

Director of Projects                                                                                                                                   03-2001 – 12-2004

§  Hardware and software R&D in-house and with partners in California, China and India (ASIC and PCB, web and database applications); design in accordance to FCC regulations and enlisted with USB.org.  Responsible for IS (MS Exchange, Network, Web), implementing SDLC processes.

§  Identified and explored vertical market opportunities and published white papers, prepared portfolios and demos for multimedia consumer products, broadcasting and toy industry.


ORACLE (Mobile Information Systems), Sunnyvale, California                                                                               

(Offering real-time solutions for the time-sensitive, same-day transportation industry; also providing IaaS.) 

Director QA                                                                                                                                                  08-2000 – 02-2001

Manager Product Support                                                                                                                        11-1998 – 08-2000

§  Identified company and customer needs and created global project plans with milestones to allow proper forecasting and resource requirements and provided effective “what—if” analysis for strategic decisions.  Provided IaaS for key customers.

§  With effective deployment of resources projects were always on-time and on-budget including global launch of new products winning important major customers in USA, Australia, and Europe. Software development included I18N and L10N.

§  Freeing up valuable engineering resources by 70% through setup of new, efficient escalation procedures and customer service in-depth training to become self-sufficient.

§  Reducing testing time and increasing quality of product releases from 30% to 100% with new, streamlined test plans and procedures and deployment of automated test systems.


§  M.S.E.E. (Dipl.-Ing.(Univ.)), UniBwM, University in Munich, Germany

§  Business and Economics at Fern-Universität Hagen and Technische Universität München, Germany

§  National Management Association, USA, Certificates of Achievements

§  Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP, MCDST, MSBS, Charter Member)


Languages:   English, German, French (basics)




Technical Expertise

§  Program Management

§  Cloud and Mobile Computing

§  Software Architecture

§  Hardware Engineering

§  Enterprise Storage

§  Network, Configuration

§  Internet of Everything

§  Customization

§  Operations

§  Supply Chain

§  Pre / Post Sales

§  DevOps, SDLC




§  CSIX.org Volunteer at this great non-profit networking group

§  GABA California (German American Business Association)

§  GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik, Germany) in partnership with IEEE Computer Society and ACM.

§  VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Germany) in partnership with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

§  NTea (NT-Engineering Association Silicon Valley)

§  Part-time Professorship at the Fachhochschule München (College in Munich, Germany) teaching mathematics at the Construction and Steel Engineering faculty for several years.




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System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Scrum, New Product Introduction (NPI) Road-Maps Project Plan Release Process Improvement Development Engineering Performance Regression Conformance Benchmark Stress Test Total Quality Control & Management, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Microsoft Small Business Specialist (SBS) … PMP and PMI equivalent experience … Scrum, Agile, DevOps,   

Second Screen, Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, Social Media, Smart / Intelligent Toys, Learning Media, Advertising, Promotions, NFC / MFC, TV shopping, Voting, Video Learning Gaming, Hidden Codes, Loyalty Points, Data Analytics, Supply-Chain, Forecast, Product Control, BoM, Agile, Life-Cycle, New Product Introduction, End-of-Life, Release and Change Management, Vendor Management, Consigned Inventory, IoT, IoE, Autonomous Automobile, VR, AR, AI, Infrastructure, iOS, Android, Visual Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, NDK, APP, SDK, API, embedded system, …