Who is Jürgen Menge?

Unisys ~ Mobile Information Systems / Oracle ~ Fuze3 ~ The IT Professional ~ NetApp + IBM ~ Microsoft / Danger  

Having come from enterprise (formerly mainframe) system software development, I have a proven track record of successfully executing multimillion dollar accounts, deploying large networks, customizations and localizations, working with international teams under strict budget and time constraints and ensuring highest customer satisfaction.

I have managed programs and launched products — all on-time and on-budget — from concept and marketing requirements document to first customer shipment and end of life, building strategic alliances with key customers and partners, leading cross-functional teams in-house and abroad.

(System Development Life-Cycle and New Product Introduction for various platforms and systems, software and hardware, databases, network and web, storage, virtualizations, operations, mobile and cloud computing, etc.)

My responsibilities and achievements included:

·      program management, bringing teams together, and coaching

·      building synergy and releasing high-quality products

·      executing roadmaps, establishing escalation procedures

·      process improvement, implementing checks and balances

·      communication to all levels, ensuring goals and milestones are met

·      identifying solutions to minimize costs and supporting company revenue growth

·      achieving highest customer satisfaction.

Interested?  Have a look at my résumé (link below)!

Thank you and best regards,

Jürgen Menge
San José, California

contact @ JurgenMenge.com

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Who is Juergen Menge? Who is Jurgen Menge? Who is Jürgen Menge?